Partner Programs

Please choose between the two following Partner-Programs, that we offer for this year's conference:

Partnership I Package 1 (premium)

Premium-Partnership includes the following services within this year's conference:

  • - Contact to potential employees

  • - Networking with conference participants

  • - Target-group-specific advertising of the own company in the Blockchain-network and at HTW Berlin

  • - Support of an innovative and pioneering technology

  • - Image building through Support of science

  • - Gain in experience in the field of Blockchain

  • - incl. printed media (find your logo on posters, flyers, etc.)

  • - incl. internet (find you logo on our conference's website and youtube)

Partnership I Package 2 (premium plus)

Premium-Partnership plus includes the following services:

  • - all services provided within Premium-Partnership

  • - additionally, we offer you the chance to present you and your company as an exhibitor (see below)

Partner-programs at a Glance

Registration as partner

premium (500€)premium plus (1,000€)